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School-Parent Compact Title Elementary

K-5 Schoolwide Title Elementary School

Each family signed our school-parent compact when enrolling their child/children in school. As we approach the last quarter of the school year, this is a review of our agreement to provide for our children.

As a parent, I will:
Get my child/children to school on time every day unless he/she is ill.
Provide a proper place for studying in our home.
Promote the importance of reading to child/children by reading to him/her, listening to my child/children read, and providing reading materials.
Promote the importance of my child's education by showing my interest in school work and school activities on a daily basis.
Communicate on a regular basis with my child's teachers.

Our Schoolwide Title program will:
Provide educational opportunities which are appropriate for your child/children.
Provide progress reports and communicate with parents.
Provide a safe, caring environment for children.
Provide materials which are appropriate for children's needs.
Offer you resource materials to help your child/children at home.