USD 505 Chetopa-St. Paul

Chetopa Campus (620) 236-7244
St. Paul Campus (620) 449-2245

Mrs. Bone - Language Arts
Rest of year plan

Mrs. Meigs - Math
Plan for the semester

Mrs. Gard's plan for April 6 - May 22
NGSS:  Ecosystems-  LS2-1, LS2-2, LS2-3, LS2-4, LS2-5
NGSS:  Evolution-  LS4-1, LS4-2, LS4-3, LS4-4, LS4-5, LS4-6
Assign reading in Life Science Textbook to learn material and vocabulary
Watch TWIG Science videos that enhance lesson concepts
Assign Science IXL skills to enhance lesson concepts
Section Review Book Assignments and WS
Open Book Quizzes
*Subject to Change

Mr. McCracken - Social Studies
Week 1 & 2 plan