USD 505 Chetopa-St. Paul

Chetopa Campus (620) 236-7244
St. Paul Campus (620) 449-2245

Mrs. O'Brien - Language Arts
All assignments are on Google Classroom. 
Week of April 6th we will be covering adverbs and prepositions
Week of April 13 - identify and correct errors with plural and possessive nouns; conjunctions
Week of April 20 - allusions; determine word meaning using synonyms; determine word meaning using antonyms
Weel of April 27 - identify narrative point of view; sensory details; figures of speech
Rest of year - compare information from two texts; compare two
different genres; rhyme scheme

Mr. Smith - Social Studies
CNN 10 and Living History Journal
Please check out this website created by Mr. Smith

Mrs. Bradshaw - Math
Week of April 6
Week of April 13
Week of April 20
Week of April 27
Week of May 4 & 11
Week of 5/18 - Working on make-up & catch-up work

Mr. Nading - Kansas History
April 20 Finish sec 2 notes. Start Sec 2 study sheet
April 22 Questions from Sec 2 study sheet. Study sheet due April 27
April 27 Check Sec 2 study sheet. Start Sec 3 Notes
April 29 Finish Sec 3 notes. Do Sec 3 study sheet. Due May 4
May 4 Check Sec 3 study sheet. Explain Business Report
May 6 Work on Business report. Question over report
May 11 Email report to me. Short class talk over report 1 st half of class
May 13 Short class talk over report (2 nd half of class)
May 18 Review, finish up, all work turned in

Mr. Nading - Science
April 21 Do Sec 2 study sheet.  Due April 23. Do IXL 7th Science P:1
April 23 Check Sec 2 study sheet.  Finish IXL 7th Science P:1 by April 28
April 28 Start Ch25 notes (nervous system). 
April 30 Do Ch25 Sec 1 study sheet. Due May.
May 5 Start IXL P:2
May 7 Finish IXL P:2 (due by May 12). Go over notes Ch25 Sec 2
May 12 Finish Ch25 Sec 2 notes and assign Sec 2 study sheet (due May 14)
May 14 Check Ch25 sec2 study sheet.
May 18 Finish up class- Questions.