USD 505 Chetopa-St. Paul

Chetopa Campus (620) 236-7244
St. Paul Campus (620) 449-2245

Mrs. Lacey - Art
Week of 4/6 - 
Draw your bedroom from the viewpoint of your doorway
Week of 4/13 - Research how to display both 2-D and 3-D artwork. Find 3 images of each.
Week of 4/20 - Use a model in your house to draw a Modern Day Mona Lisa
Week of 4/27 - Choose an old artwork to recreate
Week of 5/4 - Design the front of a cereal box
Week of 5/11 - Draw your best friend as a superhero
Week of 5/18 - Draw you as a super villain

Mr. Nading - Science
April 29 Questions from IXL GG:3. Go over Sec 4 Notes(Phases of moon) - Do sec 4 study sheet.  Due May 4th.
May 4            Check Sec 4 study sheet. Start IXL 6th Science GG:1
May 6            Question IXL 6th Science GG:1. Finish GG:1
May 11          Start IXL GG:4
May 13          Questions over IXL GG:4 and finish it.|
May 18          Go over notes Unit D Ch4 Sec 3 (Space Probes)

Mrs. Bradshaw - Math 
Week of April 6 plan
Week of April 13 plan
Week of April 20 plan
Week of April 27 plan
Week of May 4 & 11 plan
Week of 5/18 - Working on make-up & catch-up work

Mr. Smith - Social Studies 
Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire 
Please check out this website created by Mr. Smith

Mr. Bruington - Language Arts
Week of 5/11 Packet