USD 505 Chetopa-St. Paul

Chetopa Campus (620) 236-7244
St. Paul Campus (620) 449-2245

Mrs. Gilion - Spanish
Spanish week of 11 May:
Vocabulary- "El universo"
Spanish 1 & 2 grammar- Expressing obligation (tener + que)
Spanish week of 18 May:
Spanish compositions

Mrs. Lacey - Art
Week of 5/18
4th hour Graphic Design: Make sure you have all work turned in!
6th hour Photo Imaging: Farewell Photo
7th Hour Principles of Illustration: Drawing a House

Mrs. O'Brien - Language Arts - All assignments are on google classroom.  Below are the topics we will be covering.
English I: persuasive writing; analyze rhetorical strategies
English II: Analyze short stories
English III: elements of poetry
English IV: appropriate revisions

Mr. Hardy - Math
5/11 and 5/13
Describe the necessary considerations and benefits associated with purchasing and owning a home.

Mrs. Meigs - Business
Accounting Plan
Consumer Finance Plan
Marketing Plan

Mrs. Pierce - Life Studies
Rest of smester Standards

Mr. Smith - Social Studies
9th Grade Social Studies: German Unification, Nationalism in Europe and the Road to World War I
10th Grade U.S. History: The Civil Rights Movement
11th Grade Government: Political Participation
Please check out this website created by Mr. Smith

Mr. Ferraro - Science
A&P Human Body Systems organs and functions plus drawings.
Forensics crime scene investigation and unsolved case reviews.
Chemistry finish mass to mass problems, limiting reactants problems, begin has laws.
Biology finish early human research start review of ecology. Set up discussed concerning biome project.
Physical science power and Work problems finish up study of physics. Begin review of earth science begins

Jim Nave - Ag
Use the PDF that was emailed to you by Mr. Nave, then go to the Judging Hogs section on page 13. Read how to evaluate market hogs to complete lesson 9&10:
Go to and scroll down the page to the lessons.
Do lessons 9&10 for week 5 assignment. This will be the last class of Hogs!
Label your assignment and Write down your answers, then take a pic with your phone and text or email me a copy.